Every choice matters

Be part of the change

By 2050, our seas may contain more garbage than fish.

8 million tons of waste end up in our seas every single year.

640 thousand tons of fishing nets are abandoned at the bottom of the ocean.

We use 700 plastic bags a year per person. Less than 1% is recycled.

Finding solutions for a more sustainable world will always be one of our main purposes. That is why we produce swimwear made from recycled materials extracted from the sea. Be part of the movement and help us clean up the oceans!

About Baerepose.com

We live in a timeless time. More than ever, it’s critical to change, evolve, reinvent the way the industry does fashion. Baerepose’s purpose is to catalyze a change process that has already begun. With collaborations and alternatives, Baerepose  wants to put a stop to environmental threats. To preserve the present and ensure the future. After all, real luxury is to live in this planet for longer.

Every choice matters - make your choice matter . 


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